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sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

Poetry in motion (By Simon Armitage, Interviews by Natalie Whittle and Andres Schipani).

"En la era de la fragmentación y la delimitación, el proyecto Poetry Parnassus promueve la convergencia a través de elementos comunes".



For a poet living in a country once known principally for its kidnappings, murders and drug trafficking, it is perhaps understandable that Raúl Henao is preoccupied with the moral shortcomings of that nation. Born in the city of Cali, western Colombia, Henao now lives in the country’s second city, Medellín. In the tradition of the poète maudit, living on the fringes of society, Henao declares himself to be an “insular or marginal poet, out of disgust at Colombia’s political and social life”. According to him, “You cannot have lived these past 50 years in Colombia without despairing on behalf of the human condition”.

Although Henao, who has spent time in Venezuela, Mexico and the US, describes the UK as “an insular nation”, he yet considers it “the very embodiment of democracy, both as a political ideal and a form of representative government that is so central to western culture”.

The idea of being in London for Poetry Parnassus, when part of the South Bank of the Thames will be “magically and brilliantly air-bombed with poems” excites him. “I like the idea of the ‘poetic games’ as a spiritual counterpart to the ‘sports games’, similar to what was done in illo tempore in classical Greece.” And what of the real Olympics? The emphasis on the “games as a liberating force” for humankind cannot be other than positive, he says. But poetry is the nobler cause. “It will always be at the forefront of the great spiritual conquests of humanity.” That is why, he says, “A poet is someone who gives life through the written word, not just someone who gives life to the written word”. AS

‘The World Record: International Voices from Southbank Centre’s Poetry Parnassus’, edited by Neil Astley and Anna Selby, is published this month (Bloodaxe Books/Southbank Centre, £10)

EMPTINESS (En hueco).

One morning I awoke empty
There remained not the slightest trace of
me in the room
My body took indistinctly the form of
whatever object
was in reach
I did not succeed in looking at myself in
the mirror
I could not even locate the bottom of my
Not one single hair lay on the very white
Then I opened the room door:
I had left myself outside.

© Translation by Raúl Henao, 1998, from ‘La vida a la carta/Life a la carte’, published by Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín, Ed. Hipnos.

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